YUGE ----- China's well-know trademark

Relying on strict QC system and reliable QA system, "YUGE¡¯¡¯ has won the Chinese Well-known Trademark in December 15, 2008.
It is understood that access to the "China Well-known Trademark" shall have a variety of conditions.
In addition to the necessary conditions of Registration , ¡°Well-known Trademark¡± also should contain the following four conditions at least:

1. It must be the trademarks which enjoys the highest reputation for quality.
These goods must be of superior quality, in accordance with legal requirements and specifications, and enjoying good reputation kept stable for a long time.

2. Be well-known trademark
This condition indicated that ¡°Well-known Trademark" is famous consumer and operator, or in high repute. It must have a long story in marketing£¬and quite a huge sum of sales and turnover. Trademark itself is an intangible asset, so it must have the high commercial value.

3. Enjoying high repute over a considerable geographical area
As "well-known trademark¡±, besides homeland, it must enjoying high repute in a country or tow in the worldwide scale.

4£®won the majority of consumer with the recognition, and be determined by specific authority authorities
"YUGE¡¯¡¯ has won Chinese Well-known Trademark, that is the recognition to our product. it also enormously promoted the development of brand creation of our company in future.

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