Company Profile

Wuxi Yutong Fabric Industries Co.,Ltd is a professional fabric manufacturer founded in 1991 in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. Over years, Yutong has grown to a vertically integrated entity which consists of weaving, dyeing, and finishing all in one mill, also obtained its unique expertise in making furnishing fabrics.

Yutong now has over 700 employees and is equipped with over 200 looms and 80 dyeing lots, generating an annual capacity of 30 million meters of grey fabric and 40 million meters of dyed fabric. Our experienced technical team introduces new fabrics every season, and custom design is provided. Our overseas sales department consists of a group of highly educated sales rep graduated from Canada, United Kingdom and etc, who are not only experience in international marketing but also fluent in speaking English, making you as comfortable as dealing with your own men.
Besides of generating economical profits as every business entity does, Yutong has never hesitated to bare its social responsibilities. Yutong has been heavily investing in environment projects, like the water treatment plant in 2004. Now all the water used in production lines in Yutong is 100% recycled, meanwhile we select the premium quality dyes and yarns, which do not have harmful substances to human body, and a promised fabric color fastness at the same time. Every employee in Yutong is covered by retirement plans, insurances, and welfare packages. Yutong also remembers to pay back the society, it continuously donates for local schools, senior club, and earthquake area of China.
Our products are featured as "well designed, well manufactured, and well priced", we are committed to produce the quality fabrics. We supply our fabrics to furniture manufacturers, designers, fabric wholesalers and more. More than million meters of our fabrics are shipped to all over the world every month.
Yutong will keep working on cost reduction, product development, and quality improvement to become the best fabric supplier for your furniture making.
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